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elatina hut to blinman - our final day!

Posted on Friday, June 04, 2010 at 1:50 PM by dyon

our last day of 10 weeks of touring, I couldn't believe it. it was a happy and a sad day. it was sad that our fantastic adventure was coming to an end. we had been riding for weeks and weeks, and we had been loving it. but on the other hand, I know that I was getting a bit sick of being on the go all the time. I was looking forward to the creature comforts of home: central heating (it is so cold at night here), more than one pair of pants to choose from, eating a variety of foods and seeing my family again.

so it was a with a heavy heart that we set off in the morning. another short-ish day but this time it was a hard day with lots of rolling hills. my legs were hurting from the climbing! early on we crossed over trezona creek which was very beautiful with lots of big trees (and lots of rocks).

dyon and kai crossing trezona creek

we rode as a group, we rode off by ourselves trying to get up these short, sharp climbs that busted our legs. soon we stopped for lunch and only had 20km to go, most of it being the main road into blinman. the road riding passed quickly with rob and I chatting all the way. finally we made into blinman - the goal of our 10 weeks of touring! we successfully rode the mawson trail and had fun while doing it.

teh mawson trail signs

we all rushed to the cafe for some rejuvenating coffee, cake, pies and milkshakes. :) and not long after, dyon's mother turned up with our car for our next adventure: dyon racing the mawson marathon and then driving home!

helen,dyon and kai after touring

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