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wilpena to elatina hut (or middlesight water hut)

Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2010 at 1:33 PM by dyon

another short day on the bike, but the best day on the bike. the morning started with some singletrack which was flowing and sweet. dyon managed to ride most of it - very impressive while towing a double trailer.

dyon riding singletrack towing a trailer

then we descended for 19km between the ABC range and Heysen range, and it was amazing! It was breathtaking, it was beautiful and it was so much fun to ride. We were zooming through creek crossings with our eyes glued on the beautiful mountains around us.

helen riding through the ranges

we had a short (and nasty) climb out of the beautiful bunyerooo gorge. there were some 4WDers at the top that were so impressed with us that they insisted on taking photos. they didn't understand that to us it wasn't so much of an achievement, it was just part of a day cycling.

dyon, helen, rob and pete at the top of bunyeroo gorge

then we rode on to elatina hut through many more creek crossings which were thankfully rideable. at elatina hut, we gathered lots of firewood in anticaption of sitting cosily around the fire in the hut. rob tried valliantly to get a blazing fire going but the chimney didn't work and it wasn't drawing the smoke out. in the end we all went to bed as it was too chilly for a fire outside

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